Yandex.Maps and Google.Maps - traffic source for your website

Yandex.Maps and Google.Maps are free search and information mapping services. They help users find companies, organizations and institutions.

Website development in Nur-Sultan necessarily include registration in Yandex and Google maps. This is an effective way to stand out from the competition and increase search engine traffic.

Why add a company to search engine maps?

Registering a company in mapping services will help attract customers who want to find any goods or services “nearby”. This is one of the effective elements of regional promotion, which necessarily includes information systems development .

Benefits of registering a company in Yandex.Maps and Google.Maps:

  • hot-demand audience coverage;
  • increasing customer confidence;
  • increase the flow of visitors to the site.

If your business is registered in search engine maps, it is convenient for users to search for you. Customers immediately see the address and telephone number of the company, they have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the organization's working hours. In addition, anyone can easily go to your website or use the function of routing to the office from anywhere.

Adding information to map services increases the position of a web resource in search results - it appears on the first page. This greatly increases the likelihood that they will buy the product they need from you or use your services.

You can add data about a company to search engine directories, even if it does not have a web resource. It is possible to enter contact information about branches, representative offices, subsidiaries.

If your business is registered in cartographic directories, users can leave reviews about you. They appear next to the address and increase consumer confidence.

How is the company added?

The procedure for registering a business in cartographic services is simple and absolutely free. This is done through Yandex.Directory and Google My Business, you just need to follow the instructions and enter all the data about the business: description, address, phone number, opening hours, photo.

You can add a company yourself or contact professionals by ordering website development in Nur-Sultan . Development of information systems implies mandatory placement in cartographic reference books.

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