Choosing a CMS for a site: boxed or self-written solution

CMS or "engine" is the content management system on which the site is built. The convenience of filling a web resource, the stability of its work and attractiveness for search engines, the ability to connect additional functionality depends on the correct choice.

All the existing variety of CMS, on which websites are created in Nur-Sultan, can be divided into two large groups:

  • boxed;
  • self-written.

Each of these solutions has its pros and cons to consider. Otherwise, you may face significant problems when operating the web resource.

Boxed Products

Development of turnkey information systems on a box engine has many advantages. Most products offer free basic functionality and a wide selection of free or low-cost paid plugins.

Among boxed engines there are both universal products and specialized solutions. Therefore, you can choose the best option based on your business needs.

Website development on the "box" does not take much time, because you do not need to write code from scratch. And if for some reason you want to change the company-developer, you will easily find another contractor who understands the system.

Self-written CMS

A self-written engine is created from scratch for a specific project, and fully complies with the goals and objectives specified in the technical specification. It is tailored to the required functionality, provides flexibility in architectural and software solutions.

Under certain conditions, development of turnkey information systems on a self-written CMS justifies itself. For example, if a particularly high load is expected, there are special requests for specific services, integration with other unique projects. However, there are a number of problems to be taken into account.

Website development on self-written engines is a substitution of one developer on the “needle”. Only he is able to understand the heap of program code, for which there is often no full documentation.

A web resource based on "self-search" is difficult to maintain and maintain; to make the slightest changes, you need to contact those programmers who developed the system. If you want to invite a new development team, you will most likely have to completely rewrite the site on a different engine.

Website development in Nur-Sultan from scratch costs significantly more and takes more time. Since the solution is not serial, it is the developer's responsibility to test all modules and fix bugs.

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