Viruses on the site: competent treatment and prevention

Malicious code can appear on any web resource, be it a business card site, landing page, online store or news portal. Some change the appearance of pages or redirect visitors to another site, others transfer passwords and personal data of users to attackers, others use the resources of the resource for illegal activities, for example, for mining.

Most often, viruses enter the site through vulnerabilities in the CMS or by guessing the password from the control panel. It is important to set a strong password, and site support should include regular updates of the web resource management system.

In addition, infection often occurs due to errors in the program code. Therefore, you need to order a web resource from a company for which website development in Nur-Sultan is the main activity.

How to detect a virus on a website?

The following signs indicate the presence of malicious code:

  • presence of extraneous content;
  • slow page loading;
  • redirect to another url;
  • a sharp decline in traffic.

To verify the presence of a virus, you need to scan a web resource using online scanners. It can be ReScan.Pro, SiteCheck, ThreatSign, Dr.Web.

Malicious code removal

Antivirus scanner usually only points to infected files. To remove the virus, you need to replace them with "healthy" ones, taking them from the last backup. There are also antivirus products that not only scan but also cure websites.

Experienced site owners with experience with the console can manually remove viral sections of the code. To do this, you need to open each file and scan it for suspicious code fragments.

How to protect a web resource from viruses?

The presence of a virus on a site is a threat to the owner's reputation, a decrease in the resource in search results and a decrease in income. Therefore, it is important to protect the web resource from virus attacks and prevent the injection of malicious code.

Website development in Nur-Sultan must be carried out taking into account the requirements for protection against viruses. This means that you need to use the official CMS and install plugins, modules and themes from the official sites.

Site support should include regular virus checks. You also need to run the anti-virus scanner after installing the plugin or connecting the functional module.

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