A specialized robot for measuring temperature in areas of high traffic. You can find out the temperature within 5 minutes, and the error is minimized, within 0.2 ° C.
COVID-19 Certified Equipment
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Prevents the spread of COVID-19

Deployment zones

Checkpoints and workshops of enterprises
Measuring the temperature of workers before the start of the working day
Hospitals and clinics
Temperature control of medical staff and patients
Business centers and social infrastructure facilities
Used in crowded places: universities, schools, stadiums, MFC and government agencies
Shopping and entertainment centers and entertainment complexes
Temperature measurement of shopping center visitors
Railway stations and airports
Checking arrivals from other cities and countries

How it works

The visitor approaches the terminal. Audio signals and on-screen instructions help you get into the correct position. A non-contact thermometer measures temperature. The result appears on the screen. This result is automatically sent to a special journal. If the temperature is high, an alert is sent to the security service.

Device complete set

Non-contact thermometer and face recognition camera

The sensor adjusts to the person's height and measures the temperature at a distance of 25 cm.

LCD screen

The results are displayed on the screen in two modes: green background - for normal temperature, red - if the temperature is increased.


For playback of instructions and alarm signals, as well as remote communication with the operator.


Терминал распознавания лиц с измерением температуры

Main functions

Human face identification
Non-contact temperature measurement
Keeping a journal with name, photo, result and time of measurement
Blocking the pass of an employee with a high temperature

Device advantages

High measurement speed. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 seconds on average
Protect doctors, nurses, volunteers, utilities and others from direct contact with unhealthy or potentially unhealthy people.
Doesn't require lengthy installation or setup. Installs in one day and is immediately ready to go
High measurement accuracy 0.2 ºС. Highest accuracy on the market
Measurement log. Automatic logging of visitor registration and measurement results
Warranty and technical support. The cost of software, warranty and technical support are included in the price
Availability of a certificate, declaration of conformity, passport, test report, operating manual
Russian production
The devices are manufactured in Russia, and are always
available in stock

Installation steps

Install a terminal at the entrance to the building
Choose from the menu which notifications you want to receive
Get statistics about what is happening


Temperature measurement rate
5 sec
Measurement accuracy
0,2 °C
1656х977х509,6 (ВхДхШ) мм
40 Kg
Power supply
From the network 220/110 V, 50-60 Hz
Comparison of ThermoControl system with analogues
Thermocontrol solutions
Similar solutions
Thermocontrol Plus
Thermal imager + complex
Handheld thermometer
Automatic temperature measurement without contact with the device or person
Saving a photo of a person and his temperature in the registry
Measurement accuracy, degrees
0,3 – 0,5
1 – 2
High Temperature Visitor Notice
Operator's station with access to the magazine
Face recognition, saving name, visitor temperature and visit time in the log
Integration with ACS to block access
Online video communication
Number of measurements with one device per hour
> 600
> 600
*Thermocontrol can be further upgraded to Thermocontrol Plus version

Product media

The thermometer has become smarter. New robot will help fight COVID-19
"Promobot" will send temperature measuring terminals to Europe
In Russia, they began to install terminals at railway stations to measure the temperature of passengers
Promobots began to measure the temperature of passengers at Perm railway stations
Terminals for temperature measurement appeared in the regions (video)
The company behind the robot kicked out of a New York park has a new version that it says can screen people for COVID-19
Safe cordon: robots will not let sick people into public places. Automatic systems have been created that can control the temperature of people at train stations and airports
Perm will measure temperature at transport hubs without contact
Equipment order
Автономные терминалы Promobot Thermocontrol
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