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Terms of reference for development: what is it and why is it needed

Development of information systems is a complex multi-stage process that begins with the preparation of a technical task (TOR). This is a document detailing all the requirements for a future digital product.

Is it possible to do without TK?

Development of mobile applications or websites without technical specifications is like building a building without a project. The lack of clear and unambiguous requirements for the product leads to different interpretation and understanding of the conditions and wishes put forward by the customer. Therefore, there is a danger that the finished application or website will not meet the real needs of users and will not be able to solve the business tasks.

How is the TOR compiled?

In order for the creation of mobile applications and website development in Nur-Sultan / Astana to be successful, it is important to include in the terms of reference all important points, including:

  • project goals and target audience;
  • user tasks that the product should solve;
  • description of basic functions and custom scripts;
  • requirements for the appearance of all elements of the product;
  • devices and platforms on which the project runs.

Both parties - the customer and the developer - must participate in the work on the technical specification, according to which the development of information systems is carried out. This scheme of work allows you to achieve the best results, development of mobile applications or sites in this case is carried out quickly and without unnecessary nerves on both sides.

General introductory and initial sketches are usually made by a client who knows the specifics of the market and understands the goals of the project. Then a professional developer joins in, who studies the starting description, expands and supplements it with detailed descriptions, prescribes the stages and sequence of work.

In the process of drafting the TK, a number of meetings may be required, at which ambiguous and complex issues are clarified. The final document is coordinated and approved with the customer, it is an integral annex to the contract.

The result of joint work is a clear and unambiguous technical assignment, which is written in a language that is understandable for all participants in the process. Creation of mobile applications or development of sites in Nur-Sultan / Astana on such a TK will be carried out with high quality and speed. The result will immediately be a good working product that meets all the initial requirements.

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