Topic: CRM for business: what is it and which one should I choose?

The task of each business is to ensure sales growth and customer loyalty in a competitive environment. The solution is to implement a CRM system, special software for customer accounting and sales management.

When do I need a CRM?

It is not uncommon to find the opinion that CRM customer relationship management systems are only needed in large enterprises. And in a small or medium-sized business, you can store customer information in an Excel file, Google Spreadsheet, or even on paper sheets.

This approach is a direct way to lose potential buyers. An Excel file or a paper notebook will not remind you to call a customer at a certain time, send an invoice, or perform another action. This means that the buyer is very likely to go to a competitor.

What tasks does CRM solve?

The implementation of the CRM system allows you to automate routine business processes, increases the efficiency of personnel and minimizes the human factor. All calls and customer requests are immediately entered into the database and distributed among managers, so no contact will be missed.

CRM customer relationship management systems help retain customers. Attentive customer service increases loyalty and promotes repeat sales.

Customer accounting systems allow you to build any reports and analytics. The business owner can monitor the performance of employees, optimally distribute the load between managers, and analyze sales statistics.

How to choose a customer accounting system?

There are a large number of CRM systems on the market with a different set of functionality. The simplest ones allow you to create a customer base and automate standard processes, advanced products have flexible settings and are able to integrate with telephony, messengers, accounting software.

The choice of CRM depends on the needs and scale of the business. Envybox can be considered the simplest, it is easy to install and has a simple interface. The product is suitable for small companies with standard processes, it does not differ in a variety of settings.

If you need to flexibly configure all sales processes, you can choose Bitrix24, but you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to turn to professionals to implement it. Setting up Bitrix24 on your own is a complex and time-consuming task.

A good option in terms of combining functionality and simplicity is the Megaplan. It has a lot of functionality and is much easier to configure than Bitrix24.

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