Subject: 404 error: 50 cool examples 404 pages

Error 404 means that the user is trying to go to a non-existent page of the site. The standard server message looks unrepresentable and spoils the impression of the site. Therefore, the creation of websites in Nur-Sultan/This includes the development of an optimized 404 Not Found page that is shown to the user if something has gone wrong.

When the 404 error is returned?

Often the question arises, how to fix the 404 error? To answer it, you need to understand in what situations the user sees this message.

404 the error is displayed for various reasons:

  • error in writing the link;
  • navigating to a deleted page;
  • changing the url;
  • incorrect operation of the server.

Technical support of the site in Nur-Sultan/It can fix the "broken" links on the site, but this will only solve part of the problem. If the user enters the wrong address, they will see the message 404 Not Found. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to fix the 404 error is to develop sites with an optimized page.

Sometimes an error message may be displayed even if the address exists and is spelled correctly. This may be due to incorrect operation of the server or hosting. The technical support of the site in Nur-Sultan will help to solve the problem/Astana.

What should page 404 look like??

Professional website development in Nur-Sultan/The project involves the development of 404 pages with useful information and attractive creative design. The functionality depends on the orientation of the web resource.

On page 404, there should be a simple and clear text explaining why the user was here. To remove the negative, you can use the original fun animation or even a mini-game.

A 404 error very often results in the user simply closing the page. To avoid this, the development of sites with 404-page optimization should offer the visitor something in return. This can be a search bar for a web resource, showing similar products or information materials.

On the Internet, you can find many examples of successful implementation of page 404. Very often, designers use branding elements, animated characters, popular memes, simple games.

It definitely does not build a redirect to the main page of a web resource or any section for the 404 error. The absence of any explanations unnerves the user and leads to the fact that he leaves the site forever.

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