Site structure: basic rules of creation

Site structure is a hierarchical scheme of all its pages, arranged in a certain sequence. It is reflected in the navigation system of the web resource - in the menu, breadcrumbs, sitemap.

Why do you need a good structure?

Convenient and understandable site structure is necessary for both users and search robots. Its quality directly affects the effectiveness of SEO promotion and the financial performance of a web resource.

It is important to create a website whose page layout will be clear to consumers at a glance. After all, if a visitor cannot quickly find a category / subcategory with the necessary goods, services or information, he will close the tab with your site in the browser and go to another web resource to competitors. This means that you will lose clients and receive less profit.

An illogical and incomprehensible site scheme worsens behavioral factors: the average residence time, pageview depth and other parameters decrease. Because of this, search engines lower the rating of a web resource and lower its position in search results.

Development of information systems when designing the hierarchy of pages should take into account the requirements of search robots. The more logical and simpler the scheme of sections and subsections of a web resource, the faster it is indexed.

Design Rules

The creation of the structure begins with the collection of a semantic core to compile a list of categories and subcategories of the site. Products of similar subject matter are grouped into subsections, which are grouped into larger sections.

Be sure to place menus, breadcrumbs, additional navigation blocks (for example, "Related products" or "On the same topic") on each page. This will help users navigate faster and get to the desired page in fewer clicks.

If you need to create a website for different target audience groups with different needs, then you need to plan separate categories for them. This will help users to better navigate the site.

Typical Errors

The most common mistake is page nesting too much. Development of information systems should be carried out taking into account that the user can get to a specific product or service in 3-4 clicks.

All sections and subsections should have clear and accurate titles. Do not use synonyms of the same word in them, this will confuse users. Synonyms can be included as LSI words in section description texts.

With a large number of products, it is important that the site has a good filter system. This will allow the client to quickly select products according to the specified criteria.

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