StaffCop - monitoring system

Разработка системы мониторинга в Нур-Султане(Астане) отлично подходит для решения задач по программному обеспечению информационной безопасности автоматизированных систем и организаций. StaffCop обеспечит прозрачность рабочего пространства компании.

Working time control

Monitoring user activity on a PC. Accounting for actual hours worked, late arrivals, early departures, absenteeism and downtime.
Контроль рабочего времени
Assessment of work productivity
The program will show how much employees spend on doing work, and how much fun and other personal goals.
Оценка продуктивности работа
Investigation of information security incidents
The system has flexible settings for filters and alerts, so a possible leak or intrusion can be detected at an early stage, which significantly reduces the consequences.
Расследование ицидиентов ИБ
Countering internal threats
The program will show how much employees spend on doing work, and how much fun and other personal goals.
Противодействие внутренним угрозам
Remote control
View and control remote desktop. Blocking the launch of programs and sites in the "black" and "white" lists.
Удаленное управление
Business process monitoring
Analysis of business processes by key indicators. Search for "bottlenecks", identification of blocking factors and investigation of the reasons for their appearance.
Мониторинг бизнес-процессов

Convenient and functional solution

Powerful analytics

Content analysis of files, visual charts and diagrams, communication graphs, multidimensional reports and much more.

Convenient web interface

View and control the system from your favorite browser from anywhere in the world from any computer.

Modern technologies

It is based on OLAP data processing technology, allows you to build multidimensional reports "on the fly" and process huge amounts of data in seconds.

Easy scaling

StaffCop works effectively with multiple computers as well as thousands of workstations.
5-25 computers
12 months
20 100тг
3 months
6 700тг
26-50 computers
12 months
18 900тг
3 months
6 300тг
51–150 computers
12 months
17 940тг
3 months
5 980тг
151–250 computers
12 months
17 340тг
3 months
5 780тг
251–500 computers
12 months
16 740тг
3 months
5 580тг
501–1000 computers
12 months
16 140тг
3 months
5 380тг
1000+ computers
12 months
15 540тг
3 months
5 180тг

StaffCop - a software package designed to control the working time of employees with the admission of partial remote PC control.

Development of a monitoring system in Nur-Sultan (Astana) is very easy to install and easy to use. To install the program, you only need to have administrator rights on the computer where one of the modules is configured.

If you have installed StaffCop Enterprise, then programs like TeamViewer will no longer be necessary. At any time you will have access to the employee's workspace and the ability to help solve the problem. If necessary, you can take control.

Pros and benefits of installing StaffCop

  • Control over employees in real time. Wherever you are in the world, if there is such a need, you will have the opportunity to watch the employee's screen online through a browser. You just need to press ONE button and load the measurement card. It contains a lot of useful information: activity on websites and applications, information on which PCs the user is logged in, search queries.

  • Control of employees' working time. Automatic filling of timesheets and total working hours, which is very convenient when calculating wages. In case of late arrivals and departures sooner or later, the system will notify you about this and invite the employee to explain the reason.

  • Employee performance reports. StaffCop has a variety of reporting options and the information it reports is fairly truthful. The need to install StaffCop is familiar to those who tried to make reports on user activity. Usually a user has thousands of hits for banners opened on the site, and it is very difficult to calculate how much he actually “surfed” the Internet.

  • StaffCop for caring parents. If you are worried about what your child is doing at the computer at home, the development of a monitoring system in Nur-Sultan (Astana) will help you ... The program will help you make sure if he teaches lessons, writes essays, or, conversely, walks around entertainment sites, forums and spends a lot of time in chats.

Development of a monitoring system in Nur-Sultan (Astana) is excellent for solving software problems information security of automated systems and organizations. Thanks to the system of alerts and event recording, it helps to reduce the risk of information leakage and loss of reputation, preventing financial losses of the company. Among other things, the program will allow you to identify ineffective employees, and also make life easier for the system administrator. StaffCop will provide transparency of the company's workspace.

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