Electronic queue system

The electronic client queue provides the company with many advantages. The automated system improves customer service, increases staff productivity, and provides management with tools for monitoring employees in the client area and analyzing business processes.


Queue management system in Nur-Sultan/The system is developed by our company on the basis of innovative hardware and software solutions. The implementation of the SLA allows you to increase the speed and quality of customer service, while reducing the cost of the client area by automating processes.

The electronic queue management system has a modular structure, its configuration is selected for specific goals and objectives. We are constantly developing and improving the QMS to be able to offer the best solution for your business.

Manages the flow of
reduces overall maintenance costs
real-time employees
Wears out
branch service from anywhere
Working with
provides a personalized customer experience
30% customer expectation and 15% loyalty increase%
Builds a


  • | Register
  • | Бейне мазмұны
  • | Remote control
  • | Running line
  • | Administrator
  • | Statistics and monitoring
  • | Voice notification
  • | Terminal
  • | Check paper
  • | 42 * LCD screen
  • | Acoustic speakers
  • | Computer block
  • | Mounting kit
  • | Operator's scoreboard
Implementation stages


Floor-to-floor, one-room, for premises
Any according to RAL
  • Motherboard based on socket 1155
  • Power Supply unit 350w
  • Processor 2 Celeron G1610 cores
  • < strong>Hard disk HDD 500Gb
  • Memory 4Gb DDR3 RAM< / li>
  • Cooling Radiator and cooler 80mm


Queue management system in Nur-Sultan/The system is implemented in many companies. It is in demand in banks, medical institutions, commercial, municipal and administrative organizations that receive citizens.

Electronic queue: what it consists of

Electronic client Queue it is a multifunctional hardware and software complex with a modular structure. The system is easily scaled depending on the size of the company, its configuration is selected in accordance with the goals, objectives and specifics of the business.

In the simplest version , the electronic queue management system includes:

    < li>outdoor ticket kiosk;< / li> < li>information display for displaying the queue status;
  • audio equipment for voice ads;< / li> < li>specialized software.

The visitor receives a ticket with a number and can track the status of the queue on the LED display or via voice messages. Information on the display and voice messages are controlled from the operator's workplace. A special panel is provided for the manager, with the help of which you can track the service processes in real time and build reports in different sections.

The number of ticket terminals, information displays, and other equipment can vary flexibly. Our company will select the optimal configuration of the equipment to queue management system in Nur-Sultan/The company < / strong>met your needs as much as possible.

Advantages of implementation

Queue management system in Nur-Sultan/Astana is one of the most important factors in improving the quality of customer service. It saves visitors time and allows them to go about their business without being distracted by queue tracking.

The service process becomes orderly, visitors immediately see their number in the queue and are not afraid to miss it thanks to the visual and voice notification system. This significantly reduces the risk of conflict situations and increases customer loyalty.

The electronic client queue is characterized by flexible settings. For example, you can provide the ability to register for a specific date and time, and not just for the nearest free period. If receiving a service involves passing a complex route, the operator can manually increase the priority of the service.

The electronic queue management system reduces the physical and emotional burden on the staff. In the client area, labor productivity increases by reducing the number of questions from visitors, and the moral climate improves by minimizing conflict cases.

For the company the electronic client queue is an opportunity to control the work of employees and optimize the business processes of the client service. The software allows you to build reports on any indicators to identify "bottlenecks" and evenly distribute the load.

The information board can be used as an effective advertising tool. It can display information about current promotions, discounts, new services, and any other content.