Portal for applicants Alem Educational Systems

Internet project Alem Educational Systems is a powerful portal that contains information about all specialties and professions, universities and colleges of Kazakhstan. He helps young people in choosing secondary vocational, higher and postgraduate education.

Portal development for applicants is one of the many projects for the educational sector implemented by the CROCOS digital solutions integrator within the framework of the Digital University project. The company has been working in the field of Internet technologies since 2011, the main activity is website development in Nur-Sultan .

Project Features

The specificity of the portal for applicants is that it is a large and complex system in terms of functionality, which unites many users. At the same time, the web resource had to be adaptive and work correctly on any computers, tablets and smartphones.

The project was carried out according to the Scrum methodology, this approach proved to be excellent in the " Digital University " program. Website development in Nur-Sultan using Scrum ensures a high efficiency of the development process, allows you to identify and eliminate problems and obstacles at the early stages of the project. This approach makes it possible to quickly make changes to the requirements, which is necessary to obtain a customer-oriented product.

A catalog of universities and colleges, professions, specialties and educational programs was created on the portal. Each educational institution can fill its section with content and update information as needed.

Schoolchildren and applicants have the opportunity to get acquainted in detail with various professions and educational programs of universities, compare them and make an informed choice. The site contains a large amount of useful content on various specialties, issues of choosing a future profession.

Portal development also meant the creation of a testing service and interactive modules for applicants and schoolchildren. With their help, you can model the image of the future, choose training in accordance with UNT scores, select an educational program.

The Internet project Alem Educational Systems continues to develop. A platform for distance learning is under development, which will host open online courses, lectures and seminars from the best teachers of universities and colleges in Kazakhstan.

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