Mobile application for students of KazGUU

The introduction of a digital student service center is one of the priorities of KazGUU. Digitalization provides transparency in the provision and receipt of services, reduces material and time costs of service. One of the important stages of digitalization is mobile app development .

To automate the business processes of the university, CROCOS has developed a special product for KazGUU students for smartphones and tablets. With its help, you can quickly find out the news of the educational process and get convenient access to services.

Product Highlights

A characteristic feature of the university environment is the constant exchange of huge information flows. Development of mobile applications for the university allows you to solve most of the problems that students, teachers and other university staff face on a daily basis.

Creation of mobile applications in Nur-Sultan for universities makes it possible to automate educational and organizational processes. The program on a smartphone turns into a single entry point to all services of an educational institution, increases the quality of education and the speed of service.

Through a smartphone, you can submit electronic applications on academic, financial and social issues, calculate the cost of training, sign up for a consultation with an adviser and much more. The program displays push notifications about important events, gives access to news about the educational process and the life of the university. This saves a lot of time and allows you to always keep abreast of events.

Creation Features

The CROCOS company has been creating mobile applications in Nur-Sultan for universities for many years. The product for KazGUU is one of many projects implemented by CROCOS specialists within the framework of the Digital University program.

Development of turnkey information systems is carried out by CROCOS according to the flexible methodology of Scrum projects. This allows the customer to be maximally involved in the development process, increases the productivity of all team members and reduces the duration of work.

Development of turnkey information systems involves the adaptation of the product to the iOS and Android platforms. The program works correctly on gadgets with different screen sizes and different versions of operating systems.

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