Metashape Standard

Metashape плотное облако

Agisoft Metashape Standard


Simple professional photogrammetry


Program description

Agisoft Metashape is an advanced software that maximizes the possibilities of photogrammetry in conjunction with computer vision.

Metashape allows you to create highly detailed 3D models only from photographs, without the use of expensive equipment.

The ability to export to all external post-processing packages makes Agisoft Metashape a versatile 3D modeling tool.

Agisoft Metashape Professional box
Agisoft Metashape Standard human 3d model
Scan into multiple shots

The core of Metashape is the methods of classical digital photogrammetry, supported by modern computer vision algorithms.

The fusion of these technologies makes it possible to create a universal scanning system that can be easily operated even by a novice, and the intuitive interface is very easy to learn. Even without specialized knowledge, you can get highly accurate results with little or no operator input.

A tiny blade of grass or a huge cliff - Metashape is able to recreate 3D models of objects of any size in the smallest detail. You can scan a natural landscape or the interior of an entire building for your project.

Retopology and delighting tools will improve the quality of models for visual effects, games and design. And all you need is just a camera.

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