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Projects and tasks
Working on Team tasks:
deadlines, goals, problems, and solutions. Manage your risks!
A single customer base, the status of applications and the results of managers in the funnel of sales. Evaluate the potential!
Communication within the team and with clients in a single chat. Use a convenient format: text or audio!
Connecting additional programs and services without the help of a programmer. Expand your opportunities!
WhatsApp integrationsreferences
Customer card on the first message
Внедрение Мегаплан под ключ пополнит клиентскую базу, получив сообщение с нового номера. Это значит, что ни одна заявка не останется без ответа.
Alternative communication with customers
It is convenient for many clients to communicate via messengers. And it is convenient for you that all correspondence with the client is duplicated in his CRM card.
Interaction with the client in one window
To respond to a message or send a response, the manager does not need to switch to the phone. Information exchange is faster and easier.
Video calls with the team and tete-a-tete
Safety comes first
Video conferences are only available to your company's employees. We use end-to-end encryption: everything that is said remains with you.
Communication without borders
We have removed all restrictions! Participants can be as many as they want, and the duration of conferences depends only on the number of topics.
All communication methods in one program
To conduct a video broadcast, you do not need to switch to a third-party service. Video calls can also be used in the Megaplan app on your phone.
Mobile App
CRM Megaplan system
on the phone
  • Operational reporting to the manager
  • Employees are always in touch
  • Access to data from anywhere in the world
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