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Corporate website: structure and distinctive features

Website development in Nur-Sultan / Astana is in demand both by small companies and representatives of medium and large businesses. There are many types of web resources, but if you want to expand on your business and actively develop it, you need to create a site of the organization.

Differences from a small website

The corporate portal is often confused with a business card site, however, these two types of resources have several significant differences. A business card contains only basic information about the company and usually consists of several pages. Creating a corporate-type website is a much more difficult and time-consuming task.

The main features of a corporate resource:

  • more complex structure and functionality than other types of sites;
  • the presence of a news block - with information about the company itself and the profile area of the market.

A well-designed corporate website is distinguished by its individual design. If for business cards, ready-made solutions are usually used, then the design of the organization's website is created from scratch, taking into account the corporate style.

Purpose and features

A corporate website is a full-fledged representation of your company on the Internet, it describes in detail the activities of the enterprise, its products and services. The main purpose of the resource is to attract new customers and business partners, to form a positive image of the company. It should prompt the user to take a certain action - leave a request, call the office, chat with a consultant

Website development in Nur-Sultan / Astana for organizations includes the development of separate pages for each type of product, information about work and company history, detailed description of services. Sections are also created with news about the company and its products, press releases, reviews, a blog with useful articles, a search tool, an online calculator and other functionality are connected.

Website development in Nur-Sultan / Astana for companies usually means organizing round-the-clock interaction with clients and business partners. To do this, connect feedback and order forms, chat with an online consultant and other functionality.

The quality of a corporate web resource is very important for the successful promotion of a company on the Internet. Therefore, website development in Nur-Sultan / Astana for enterprises and organizations must comply with the current trends in website building.

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