Information system-Crocos.

According to the order of the Minister of Education and Science "On approval of the types and forms of state - issued educational documents and the rules for their issuance", from January 1, 2021, the technology of automatic identification and data collection and (or) QR-code is used in the forms of inserts of all types of educational documents. In addition, state-issued diplomas were canceled, which will allow each university to independently choose the design and format of an official document, since it will not have a single seal from the Ministry of Education. After analyzing the above amendments and the needs of universities in Kazakhstan, our team has developed a system for verifying the authenticity of diplomas, which will allow universities to mark their diplomas with a QR code, and store all information about the student and the diploma itself on a secure server. The QR code will be encoded with a link to the site page to verify the document and its number, which will allow you to easily and quickly verify the authenticity of the document provided to the employer using your smartphone.

Use the most modern technologies to protect diplomas from forgery. Instantly provide references and characteristics of your graduates to their potential employers.

A system for the interaction of the university, the employer and the student in the process of their employment. Crocos. The diploma simplifies the process not only for the educational institution, but also for the graduate and potential employer.

Join us in the fight against fake diplomas. We offer you the Crocos IP system. Diploma (QR code), which will allow you to verify the document of education in a matter of seconds using a QR code.


Point the camera at the sample QR code to check the program's functionality

QR code (from QuickResponse in English "quick reaction", "quick response") is a two-dimensional barcode that consists of black and white pixels and allows you to encode up to several hundred characters. This can be plain text, an Internet address, a phone number, the coordinates of a place, or even an entire business card. The visual display of QR codes and the very principle of their operation make it easier for users to read the embedded data using modern mobile phones equipped with cameras. You no longer need to click on hyperlinks, go from page to page of sites, or enter data manually. Just point your phone's camera at the QR code, and you will immediately get access to its contents. For example, if the code is contained in an ad, then when you scan it, the contact details of the advertised company will be immediately saved to your phone, or you will get access to a site with additional information about the product.

The verification system has several positive aspects at once:

  • Provides advanced access to information about the student and their diploma;
  • All data will be collected and stored in a single registry;
  • Simplify screening for employers to select candidates for vacant positions;
  • Simplifies document authentication;
  • Increases competition between higher education institutions;
  • Eliminates the possibility of forgery of the diploma;

How it works:

  • A candidate for a certain vacancy who has received an education at your university provides a diploma to a potential employer, who uses a mobile phone camera to scan a special QR code in the diploma, after which he opens a personal page of the graduate with full information about him.

Crocos. The diploma allows you to:

  • done  verify the authenticity of the diploma;

  • done  get the employer a certificate of graduation from the university;

  • done  instantly get a description of the candidate by receiving information about the success, achievements and other information available in the IP of the university.

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