Information web portal: main tasks and features

An information portal is a complex and voluminous web resource with an extensive structure, designed to attract and retain a mass audience. It presents a large number of text and multimedia content of various subjects, a variety of services and applications, united by a single concept.

Types and capabilities of information portals

Creating websites in Nur-Sultan/The use of information orientation is in demand if you plan to work with large-scale text and multimedia information flows. Infoportal differs from online stores and corporate resources in that it does not directly sell goods and services.

The infoportal can cover a wide variety of topics or only certain areas. Specialized ones include city portals, websites of real estate agencies, bulletin boards, as well as portal – type thematic resources-music, movies, games, and others.

The development of software for portals has certain specifics. The resource must have an adaptive, ergonomic interface and a wide range of functionality that provides the following features::

  • easy and intuitive navigation;
  • quick and easy search and filtering of information;
  • daily multiple content updates;
  • custom personalization;
  • communication of portal users with each other;
  • publishing user-generated content;
  • integration of various services and applications.

The development of information systems should ensure the stable operation of the information portal under load and reliable protection of personal data. You should also take care to protect the site from hacking and hacker attacks.

From whom to order a web portal

Designing and developing software for the portal is a technologically complex and responsible task that requires high qualifications and experience. The infoportal must provide storage of huge amounts of data and quickly process requests from a large number of users. Therefore, it is recommended to entrust the development of an online portal to a company that provides professional website creation in Nur-Sultan/Astana.

The development of information systems for the portal begins with the design. Specialists develop the terms of reference, think over the structure and architecture of the Internet project, determine the technological solutions used, and create prototypes.

Further development of the portal includes the creation of design, page layout and functional programming. At the final stage, the resource is tested and errors are corrected. Next, the infoportal is filled with content and transferred to the hosting.

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