Access to the site: how to restore it

Website development in Nur-Sultan / Astana is ordered by companies of various fields of activity. Depending on the goals and objectives, this can be a business card site, a corporate resource, an online store.

Launching a web project is only half the battle. In order for a resource to consistently occupy the top positions in the search results, it must be regularly updated and developed. To do this, you need access to the site, its database, and the administration panel.

However, there are situations when access to a web resource is lost. The reasons can be different - lost or forgotten your password or login, made critical changes, hacked the site. If such a nuisance occurs, it is necessary to restoring access to the site as soon as possible.

Loss of access to hosting

If the hosting is documented for you, technical support of the site hoster will help you. It is enough to send them a request and a document confirming your rights. The host company name and contacts can be found by looking at the DNS information.

It is much more difficult to solve the problem if the web resource is registered with a developer company or a private specialist. If they, for some reason, stopped cooperating with you, restoring access to the site is carried out only in court. Therefore, it is important, even at the first stage of cooperation, to negotiate with the developer the registration of the domain for the client or to ensure that the contractor transfers the rights immediately, from the moment the resource is developed.

Loss of access to the admin panel

Access to the admin panel of a web resource is most often lost if technical support of the site lay with a remote employee or freelancer. He can change the password at his discretion, so as a result of leaving it may turn out that no one else has access to the administration of the web resource.

A similar situation may arise even if the site was allowed to take its course and did not update for a long time. During this time, responsible employees can leave or move to another project, forgetting or losing the access codes to the admin panel.

The method of restoring access to the admin panel depends on which CMS was used to the creation of sites in Nur-Sultan / Astana . The universal and simplest option is to use the “Forgot your password?” Function, which is included in every boxed product. The main thing is that you have access to your mailbox, where you will receive a letter with detailed instructions on how to recover your password.

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