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Using the mobile app, you can
solve the following tasks:

Increase in sales

Increased customer loyalty

Reduced costs

Constant interaction with clients



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CityPASS IDPASS Mobile App

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Mobile application of IS " eQonaq»

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Mobile application of the FMS XVII

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The question is, which platform to develop the app for, iOS or Android?

Most of our customers who need to develop a mobile application regularly raise the question, which platform to use, iOS, Android or both platforms? In order to answer this question, you need to ask a few clarifying questions that will help you choose the right solution:

  • Customer's budget
  • Potential audience and
  • scalability
  • Do you plan to earn money on the app

As in any other development, creating applications requires high professionalism from the team, the presence of IOS and Android, Java, Python programmers, designers, and other important elements of the team. Our company regularly studies new trends and technologies for creating applications.

In addition to developing applications, we are engaged in detailed testing of applications for all platforms and make and bring them to the ideal. Due to a thorough check and identification of all bugs, our applications do not crash and do not hang.

In addition, all our works are successful and have tens of thousands of downloads.

One of our most difficult tasks is to create a website, a mobile application and a CRM system for a taxi ordering service. We have developed a full-fledged multitasking application for customers who want to call a taxi, as well as software for taxi drivers, with the ability to accept orders and GPS navigation in Nur-Sultan/Astana. The CRM system allows you to add orders and track which orders have been completed, which are on execution and listen to the recording of conversations.

Based on the business task and user needs, we draw up a technical task for development to take into account all the necessary points when creating an application.

Mobile app development consists of:

  • development of client scenarios;
  • planning application logic;
  • working out the main screens of the future application;
  • mobile app design development;
  • Multitasking and practicality are what attract users.

It is a fact that the share of mobile traffic is regularly growing, and more and more users are resorting to mobile applications, turning to browsers only when absolutely necessary.

Crocos - development of mobile applications for companies in Almaty, Nur-Sultan and the whole Republic of Kazakhstan at prices that you will like.

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