Website color scheme: impact on conversion

The color scheme of the site has not only aesthetic value. Tones and shades create mood, influence product judgment and purchase decisions. Therefore, the question of what color to choose for your web resource is of interest to everyone who is going to order website development in Nur-Sultan .

Factors of choosing a color scheme of the site

When choosing colors for the header, navigation elements, and call-to-action buttons, it is important to do so with the psychological impact of a particular shade in mind. A well-thought-out color scheme will encourage visitors to stay on the site longer and visit the website more often.

When ordering website development in Nur-Sultan , it is important to take into account the subject of the web resource and the portrait of the target visitor. If you stray too far from conventional solutions, you run the risk of confusing your customers. Therefore, pay attention to the tones and shades used by brands targeting the same target audience.

For example, traditional "financial" shades are green or blue. Sites targeting young people are best done in bright, light colors, while for older target audiences, it's best to choose calm tones.

Decide what emotions you want to convey:

  • blue - inspires confidence, creates a sense of security;
  • red - attracts attention, calls to action;
  • green - has a calming effect, creates a sense of stability;
  • black - associated with sophistication and luxury;
  • yellow - improves mood, encourages action;
  • orange - evokes associations with fun, freedom, communication.

It is very important that the call-to-action buttons stand out from other elements of your site. Large and brightly colored buttons will help your users understand what actions they should take on your site.

Finalizing the color scheme

Site support after launch should include an analysis of the behavior of visitors on the site. If necessary, you can use color to make a visual accent, providing the user with a convenient and comfortable interaction with the web resource. When in doubt, ask your customers what colors they like.

It is better to entrust the design development and the choice of the color scheme to professionals. You will receive guarantees and assistance from specialists for whom the creation, promotion and website support are the main areas of activity.

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