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Brand book - what does it include and how is it developed?

Brandbook presents the corporate identity of the company and the rules for its use. This is a package of documents that defines how the brand visualization should look in different conditions.

Why do you need to develop a brand book?

Brand book development will allow you to avoid many difficulties when creating a web resource, advertising signs, booklets or leaflets. It will allow you to properly build interaction with a web studio, advertising agencies and business partners.

Brand book development includes the following sections:

  • essence, brand value philosophy;
  • portrait of the target user;
  • corporate identity.

Corporate style creation implies drawing a logo and describing the rules for its placement, specifying colors for digital use and printing. This section should include a list of fonts for text decoration, requirements for images, a list of other graphic objects (textures, patterns, icons) used.

It is best to order corporate identity in a professional company. A well-designed brand book will increase brand awareness and optimize advertising costs.

Brand book in web development

High-quality website development in Nur-Sultan is impossible without a brand book. In the absence of this document, you can face a variety of problems, ranging from misuse of the logo to changing the corporate color scheme.

The introduction of corporate identity into the design of a web resource helps to distinguish the site from competitors. At the same time, it is important not only to insert individual elements of the brand book into the design layout, but to correctly fit the complex of visual images into the overall concept. Then users will immediately understand where they are and what products / services they can find here.

Website development in Nur-Sultan using corporate identity should take into account the peculiarities of digital display. For example, too thin lines of the logo are blurred or smudged. Therefore, a special logo design can be drawn for web resources, which is displayed correctly on the screens of computers and mobile devices.

The use of corporate identity on the site creates a powerful association with the brand among users and promotes its promotion. This approach makes the brand recognizable and popular, forms the most complete image in the eyes of consumers.

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