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Bitrix24 in the box
You can buy bitrix 24 in Nur-Sultan (Astana) in two formats: with a cloud service or with a box version installed on your server (product"1C-Bitriks24"). The second option allows you to individually customize the business logic and interface. In addition, the customer relationship management system is integrated with "1C:zup" and other programs.
Битрикс24 в коробке
Who can use the boxed version?
Large organizations are the main category of consumers of this product. the implementation of bitrix 24, fully completed in the "box" , is the best option for large geographically distributed companies or holdings with a large number of users.
Коробочная версия «Битрикс24» для крупных территориально-распределенных компаний
Applications for Bitrix24
Not all business tasks are solved by the basic version of the program. Apps will help! Services for their installation and configuration, as well as initial training of users to work with them, have already been implemented in bitrix with 24 keys.
You can buy bitrix 24 in Nur-Sultan (Astana) and order all the necessary related services from our company.
Приложения для Битрикс24
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