Bitrix24 is an application that helps organize teamwork in a company. Simply put, this is a site that collects all the necessary data about the company's employees and customers. With it, you can set and complete tasks, schedule working hours and communicate with colleagues as easily as you do on a social network.

What can Bitrix24 do?
Task Management

Easily and quickly set tasks for yourself and your subordinates in one click. Bitrix24 will inform you about the new task in the chat, remind you of the deadlines.

  • Time attendance

    Record the beginning and end of the working day and take into account the hours worked.

  • Efficiency

    Monitor employee performance. Use it to calculate KPI and bonus system in the company.

  • Mobile Tasks and Projects

    Stay always connected and work from anywhere in the world! Free application for iPhone and Android.

  • Bitrix24 Task Management

    Connect your phone to Bitrix24: you can rent a phone number, connect your phone or even your own PBX. Customize your scenario for customer contact.

  • Bitrix24.Disk

    Keep all work documents in one place, not on employee disks. All documents will remain with the company and will not be lost.

    More than 4,000,000 companies are registered in Bitrix24

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    Bitrix24 is a system with which you can configure the regulation of the company's work. It makes it possible to increase sales and save on management.

    Bitrix24 is flexible in its settings. This system is suitable for various business sectors and at the same time it is very easy to learn.

    The interface in Bitris24 resembles a social network. The main page of Bitrix24 contains all the necessary tools.

    Many firms and enterprises use the Bitrix24 system in Nur-Sultan (Astana). It is important for them to improve and speed up business processes in order to increase profits and increase business manageability. They also want to cut unproductive costs and find new solutions to increase employee motivation.

    Bitrix24 has all the tools that allow you to adapt the work of the company's staff and increase the relationship with customers.

    Bitrix24 development is a complex of five meaningful and beneficial tools that help a business to work: CRM, Tasks and Projects, Contact Center, Websites and Stores, Office. With Bitrix, your employees will be real people who achieve results, and not just a list of names in a directory.

    CRM Bitrix makes it possible to track potential customers, monitor orders, payments, sales funnel, etc. There are all the necessary tools to communicate with customers. You can access the system from anywhere in the world. You just need to download the application to your smartphone and you can get to work.

    Thanks to the installation of Bitrix 24 CRM in Nur-Sultan (Astana), it is possible to increase the number of buyers and, consequently, the number of sales, make repeat sales more likely, and evaluate their effectiveness.

    The manager receives proven tools for monitoring employees. Subordinates can better check their work and, as a result, avoid violations. Also CRM "Bitrix 24" makes it possible to think over the timing of the completion of projects.

    Bitrix24 allows you to better organize the activities of the organization as a whole and each employee in particular. With the help of the service you can:

    manage all work processes;

    set tasks for employees with explanations and deadlines;

    rate and leave a comment, receive feedback;

    be aware of the work schedule of employees;

    get round-the-clock and secure access to all internal company information from any device;

    create photo galleries and more.

    The Tasks and Projects block can be said to be the second most important of the main Bitrix 24 tools. Its purpose is to exchange information between company employees, as well as work with clients.

    In the project page, you can conduct a dialogue and monitor the status of the tasks assigned, exchange files. The "project" has its own "Live tape", a confidentiality system and a convenient function of grouping decisions that the manager performs during the working day.

    Recently, innovations have been introduced in the Bitrix 24 system. If the same client first wrote, and then called, then two different transactions will automatically appear at the same or different stages. Now you can define the main trade and combine them into one.

    To put things in order in Bitrex 24 CRM, the system will regularly check it for duplicates. The manager himself decides to combine takes automatically or to disassemble manually.

    Entrust Bitrex development to create contracts, invoices, acts. Send them by email or chat.

    Bitrix 24 in Nur-Sultan (Astana) works in conjunction with 1C. You can configure bi-directional data exchange (products, contacts, companies, orders) with 1C in real time.

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