Information security audit

Verification and compliance with the requirements of regulatory legal acts and standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan

We conduct research on the current state of information security in the organization, obtain an objective assessment of the level of its security, evaluate internal and external resources, and develop recommendations for improving the security system.

The audit of information security consists in the analysis and assessment of: software vulnerabilities, OS on the workstations of the organization;

• vulnerabilities of software, OS on the server equipment of the organization;

• vulnerabilities in the organization's network services;

• vulnerabilities of the organization's network equipment;

• уязвимости сетевой инфраструктуры организации.

Preparing an Information Security Audit

1. Defining the verification object

  • • defining the tasks, goals, and objects of verification;
  • • drawing up the work schedule.

2. Preparation and analysis of data for the work

  • • study of the research object;
  • • identifying vulnerabilities;
  • • performance analysis;
  • • fixing the current state and characteristics.

3. Preparation of an analytical report:

  • • development of proposals for improving organizational measures to ensure information security;
  • • development of proposals for the development of software and hardware tools for information security;
  • • development of recommendations to eliminate the identified vulnerabilities; development of recommendations to improve the skills of full-time staff.

For a stable production and uninterrupted marketing of your products, it is vital to maintain a security system that will prevent the leakage of your company's industrial, commercial and financial secrets. Enterprise security tasks are performed primarily by creating an integrated management system for these processes.

A competent security audit by certified specialists will ensure the safe and full operation of your company

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