Simple and intuitive interface
No training required

Popularity amoCRM in Nur-Sultan (Astana)< / strong> is high, not least because of the ease of use of the system: long and complex training of personnel to work with the system is not required, as well as a period of implementation and adaptation. The client's team will be fully engaged from day one, because amoCRM is the easiest-to-use customer relationship management system< / strong> on the market.

Its interface is simple and intuitive: a minimum of buttons, no extra pages or actions, which means a minimum of clicks and maximum speed. < strong>Setting up and implementing CRM systems of any complexity < / strong> objects will be carried out in one day. The program is fully optimized for use on desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

Интерфейс amoCRM простой и понятный
АmoCRM автоматически фиксирует все заявки и запросы
Automatic registration of requests
Don't lose customers

How many potential customers and applications do you lose? amoCRM automatically captures all customer requests and requests across all channels and adds them to your sales funnel. Regardless of the source of the application: web form, e-mail, phone, social networks or chat-you will not lose a single potential client.

Working together
Talk and discuss

Our built-in Messenger allows your team to communicate directly in the app interface at lightning speed. There are no more transitions between Windows or programs.

And don't worry, if your computer - the message will arrive both from your browser and from your mobile phone. Now you will always be in touch-no messages will be sent.

Automatic sales funnel
Automatic sales funnel
Sales on autopilot

AmoCRM-диджитал воронканың бірегей функциясы сіздің сату воронкаңызға онлайн коммуникация және клиенттерді жылыту құралдарының барлық спектрін біріктіруге мүмкіндік береді. Қарапайым тілмен айтқанда, клиенттер арнайы жарнамаларды көреді, хабарландырулар алады, сіз олардың реакциясын көресіз. Осылайша, әлеуетті Клиентті сату шұңқырында жылжыту іс жүзінде автоматты түрде жүреді.

Периодические продажи
Periodic sales
Customers buy again

The unique funnel of periodic purchases clearly reflects the current state of all your regular customers: who has recently purchased and wants to contact you again. Work with people who don't come back and build long-term relationships.

Mobile CRM
Business Card Scanner

Wherever you are, amoCRM in Nur-Sultan (Astana) everywhere with you thanks to a convenient and functional mobile app. At any business meeting, you are fully equipped: prepare documents, synchronize the results of negotiations and perform other actions right where your clients are.

In addition, the mobile application of the system is equipped with a built-in business card scanner-this allows customers to instantly add contacts at any time and anywhere.

APIs and extensions
Create a unique CRM

entering amocrm with a key is not the end point of work. You can create your own unique system. Advanced features of the product allow you to adapt it to your needs and create all kinds of integrations with other programs.

In addition, there are hundreds of ready-made typical extensions designed to adapt CRM to your needs, and even a person who does not have programming skills can handle them.

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